International Circle of Friends (ICOF) assists twenty graduates from the Dominica School program. To support the virtual classroom programs, all students were given laptops to follow their curriculum. The students are all doing well but look forward to the classrooms and labs again in the near future.

Accounting: 1

Advertising: 1

Civil Engineering: 3

Communications: 1

Dentistry: 1

Electrical Engineer: 1

Graphic Engineer: 1

Hotel & Tourism: 2

Information Technology: 2

International Business: 1

Marketing: 1

Medicine: 2

Psychology: 2

Software Engineer: 1

The new graduating class in June are hopeful for university sponsorships. On average, each grant is for $3,000 each. Assistance is needed to continue the higher level education for the deserving students.

Two of our scholarship students graduate from Medical School this season. We are very proud to have supported Dra. Yeritza Parra and Dra. Athenas Rosario for their Doctorate Degrees.

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