We are thankful to Pastor Miguel Castillo and his church for the continued support and prayerful protection of the Shekinah Orphanage and School. In March, the orphanage was robbed and their animals stolen. We are most grateful that no personal misfortune occurred either with the children or the people of orphanage. The Lord in His mercy and with some donations allowed Pastor Castillo and his church to build bigger corral for goats, (15 female and 3 males’ goats). In addition, a place was built to raise chickens and have eggs at the same time. This means they now have milk, meat and eggs for the food security of the orphanage. All of this will help because in Haiti there is a state of a great political crisis and food is scarce. And in all this we give thanks and glory to the Lord for having used you with your prayers and help to carry out these works. To Him be the glory forever and ever.


Pastor Miguel Castillo and his church continue their delivery of staple foods to the program. In a recent letter, he indicated the Shekinah orphanage has been protected and has prospered as nine of the goats bought will soon multiply with eighteen new offspring, and milk production will increase. The chickens are producing over one hundred eggs per day which serve as food for the children and are still selling a surplus that they do not use. We are grateful for this report for sustainable food supplies to the children.


All donations are welcome to support the monthly food delivery to LePlaine in support of the children. Continued prayers are welcome for the safety of those who cross the border to make these deliveries.