In July 2005, we were planning P. B.’s Fiftieth birthday celebration in the Dominican Republic where we live about six months each year. Many of our friends were planning to attend and began asking what to give P.B. for his birthday. Finally, I just asked him what to suggest and he said, “Have them bring things for the children at the orphanage.” Herein began our first gathering of needed items for Dominican children.

This is ICOF’S sixteenth year for “Feeding the Children” at the Dominica Orphanage & School. In January of last year, Inversiones Punta Laguna committed to also assist with the needs of the Dominica Orphanage and School. Currently 500+ children receive daily hot meals. During the COVID period, some 600 children (Dominica and El Tamarindo Schools) were provided food baskets to supplement their nutritional needs.

In 2008, ICOF joined Blue House Effect of Canada to expand the dormitory and Lifeskills building. Currently fifty children reside in this dormitory.

In 2009, Dr. Hal and Kathy Crosswell coordinated two construction programs at the Dominica School thru their affiliation with the United Methodist Volunteers in Missions (UMVIM) programs. Funds were provided by UMVIM as well as the P B Dye DoublePositive Golf Classic for this project.

In 2014, a dozen students from Dominica School’s first High School Graduation Class received Vestal-Keils Scholarships to continue their education in the Dominican Republic. Two of those are medical doctors and now support the local community.

For the current year ICOF, in collaboration with DSOF and Steve Kisiel, granted thirty scholarships to graduates of the Dominica School to local universities.

ICOF just completed the thirteenth year of coordination with Dr. Hal & Kathy Crosswell of Columbia Eye Clinic in Columbia, S.C., to provide eye care to students in fourteen school programs. In addition, five students have received prosthesis which gives each one increased self-esteem.

In 2018-2019 ICOF collaborated with Kids International to build a new educational complex for the students at the El Tamarindo School., north of Santo Domingo. The multi-purpose building is complete with administrative offices, cafeteria, gathering room and student bathrooms. In August of 2019, the five main level classrooms were complete and welcomed 190 students.

Future plans call for a second level addition.

All of this work was accomplished because of your belief in the work that we do thru ICOF. On behalf of the children that we serve, thank you.

Blessings Always,

P B and Jean Dye

P. B. and Jean Dye live most of the year in the Dominican Republic. P. B. is a Golf Course Designer and Jean is a “volunteer” who spends a majority of her time in support of ICOF projects.

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